Everything You Need To Know About The Hyaron Injection

Everything You Need To Know About The Hyaron Injection

The advancement of skin care products is progressively growing by the minute. Each day, a new product is introduced into the market, promoting its unique characteristics to beauty enthusiasts worldwide. However, not all products live up to their brand. Only a few can satisfy clients for their effectiveness brought about by their ingredients and strengths as a product. An example is Hyaron, an excellent skin booster, created by the South Korean company Dongkook Pharmaceutical.

What is Hyaron Skin Booster?

The Hyaron Skin Booster is a bio-revitalization skin care product that effectively promotes skin hydration and synthesis of collagen and elastin, resulting in a firmer and youthful appearance of the skin. Like its name, it boosts the skin with essential nutrients and rejuvenates it with its active ingredient, Sodium Hyaluronate.

It is designed by DongKook Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a South Korean company known for producing various therapeutic agents since 1968. Dongkook Pharmaceuticals developed Hyaron as a prescription medicine mainly used for degenerative osteoarthritis of the knees and shoulder periarthritis. Its highly researched background is what made the Hyaron efficacious for cosmetology purposes. Nowadays, the Hyaron is famous for its use as a skin booster in the world of beauty products. As a skin booster, it keeps one’s skin healthy from the inside out by promoting the regeneration of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for maintaining the skin’s firmness and youthful-looking appearance.

What is Hyaron made of?

As the name suggests, the Hyaron Skin Booster comprises the salt form of Hyaluronic acid, known as Sodium Hyaluronate. It works just like any hyaluronic acid-infused product; the only difference is its texture and the level of safety and quality it brings.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our skin that determines the skin’s hydration level and promotes the formation of collagen and elastin. However, as we age, the hyaluronic acid component in our body decreases, resulting in saggy skin and the appearance of wrinkles. This is why people seek out products infused with hyaluronic acid for anti-aging purposes. But what makes Hyaron, a Sodium Hyaluronate filled serum, different from others?

Although sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid are terms often used interchangeably because of their similar beneficial effects, there is a fine line of what makes them distinct from each other. Sodium Hyaluronate is a synthesized form of hyaluronic acid, manufactured in a smaller molecular structure than HA, for improved stability and increased oxidation resistance. Because of its smaller molecule size, it is more water-soluble. It can penetrate deeper into the skin than hyaluronic acid providing intense hydration and firmness to the skin’s surface, evidently and effectively treating visible wrinkles and fine lines.

The Hyaron Skin Booster is packaged in a 2.5mL pre-filled syringe with 25mg/mL of highly purified sodium hyaluronate and additional components such as NMF or Natural Moisturizing Factors which are responsible for retaining the moisture of the skin once the product seeps into the deeper layers of the dermis.  The Hyaron Skin Booster is also economically packaged, so you can get the most out of it, having 5 to 10 pre-filled syringes in one box.

Learn how to use the ultimate skin booster: Hyaron

The Hyaron Skin Booster is best used for its ability to replenish moisture resulting in more hydrated, firm, and supple skin. Not only does it retain moisture, but it also helps brighten the skin tone, making you look healthy and glowing. That being said, the Hyaron Skin Booster is highly recommended for the following skin conditions:

  1. Dull, dry, and dehydrated skin
  2. Wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin caused by early signs of aging
  3. Acne scars
  4. Skin pigmentation due to excessive sun exposure
  5. Sensitive skin, especially after chemical peels and plastic surgery

The Hyaron Skin Booster can also be used for restorative treatment based on mesotherapy. It can be administered with the hyaluron pen, derma rollers, stamps, and in combination with micro-needling procedures.

The treatment protocol consists of 4 sessions, 1 session every 10 days. A treatment course with a two-stage procedure may be followed for optimal results. This two-stage protocol consists of a primary and supportive treatment course wherein;

  1. Primary Stage (1st stage) is scheduled for 1 session every 10 days in the course of 4-6 sessions
  2. Supportive Stage (2nd stage) is scheduled after finishing the primary treatment course and will be a supplemental treatment course to maximize the effectiveness of the Hyaron Skin Booster. This can be scheduled for 1 to 2 sessions per month.

It is essential to note that the number of sessions may depend on the condition and state of the skin that a skilled doctor will evaluate.

The Effect of the Hyaron Skin Booster

The Hyaron effect can last from 6 to 12 months. Upon application, skin can feel hydrated and moisturized almost immediately. While with continuous application, smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines can be readily observed. The long-term benefits of the Hyaron Skin Booster will be visible about two months after the treatment course is complete.

The Hyaron is known for its deep skin hydration due to its molecular structures that can indeed penetrate the skin layers. Long-term therapy with this excellent skin booster has a positive effect on the hydration and rejuvenation of the skin. 

The following are the expected outcomes after constant usage of the Hyaron Skin Booster:

  1. No significant adverse reactions
  2. Improved and enhanced skin tone
  3. Stimulation of body’s natural components such as collagen and elastin
  4. An easy way to correct and slow down skin aging
  5. The high viscosity of the serum ensures a long-lasting effect.
  6. Greatly improves skin imperfections such as pigmentation, rosacea, and acne scars
  7. Keeps skin hydrated and moisturized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Hyaron, developed by Dongkook Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., can also be used as a skin booster. Although its main effect that the company markets was to help relieve osteoarthritic pain in the knees and shoulders, it was also found to be helpful in cosmetology by healing and repairing the skin from damages caused by skin aging or external factors such as extreme UV exposure from the sun.

The Hyaron can be used for 4 -6 sessions as its primary treatment course, with 1 session scheduled every 10 days. After completing the main treatment protocol, one can continue using the Hyaron to maintain and maximize the product’s effectiveness for another 1-2 sessions per month.

As the Hyaron pre-filled injection is designed as a form of mesotherapy, it can be used in various applications. You can use your hyaluron pen to administer the solution, a derma roller, or through micro-needling. It is highly recommended that the Hyaron be applied or administered by or with the guidance of a medical professional or a trained aesthetician. This primarily avoids any untoward side effects and prevents unnecessary mistakes upon administration.

Yes, in the sense that sodium hyaluronate is the salt form of hyaluronic acid, which is commonly used as an active ingredient for anti-aging products. Sodium hyaluronate is synthesized to be smaller in molecular size than hyaluronic acid so that it can penetrate deeper into the skin. This also signifies its remarkable flowability and water solubility, which causes lesser adverse reactions in the body.

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