VNS is a fat dissolve lipolytic solution that removes fat cells and cellulite more effectively without causing bruising and swelling and gives you a slimmer appearance in a short time. VNS can be injected into different body parts as well as double chins. VNS combines only papain enzymes and excellent ingredients for fat decomposition to increase the metabolism of fat cells and accelerate it. It is distinguished from existing contour injection.

What is injection lipolysis?

The fat layer of the skin, also known as the hypodermis, is the target area of the procedure called intralipotherapy. It simply refers to the injection of a broad range of substances into the hypodermis. After the injection, the fat cells are obliterated and are not capable of storing fat. Their debris is metabolized and eliminated permanently from the body.

Benefits of VNS

  1. Increase skin elasticity

-Decreases adipocytes and produces collagen 

-Improve skin texture

  1. Removes fat cells and cellulite more effectively

-Fat break down and minimize inflammation

-Minimizes fat cells and reduces their capacity of storing fat 

  1. Reducing edema and eliminate cellulite

-Stimulates the circulation of lymph and can immediately release the fat cells.

  1. Painless

-Even those who are sensitive to pain can receive treatment without pain.

  1. No swelling

-Zero downtime

  1. Safe

-No adverse reactions have been reported as of this date.


VNS is intended for use with the Hyaluron Pen, most recommended with 0.5ml disposable syringes and 0.5 adaptors. Administrating the VNS, the adipocyte cell wall is destroyed, resulting in the inflammatory necrosis of cells and reduction in the size of adipocytes. The provocative results in fibroblast migration and stimulation, resulting in a buildup of more collagen.

How long do fat dissolving injections last?

Fat is not readily stored in the body freely. Fat is stored in specialized cells known as adipocytes which enlarge in response to the fat content present. When fat is needed for energy, the adipocytes release their fat content to supply additional energy to the body.

When we gain weight, we don’t increase the number of adipocytes in the body. Rather, the adipocytes increase in size and volume in response to the amount of energy needed to be stored. It is the same mechanism when we lose weight, but the opposite. We reduce their size and volume by burning off the stored fats inside the adipocytes.

Lipolytic or fat dissolving injections break down fat cells. The obliterated fat cells will not grow back and, subsequently, will not recur. The remaining adipocytes will be the ones that will grow in response to certain conditions (also, depending on genetics and other factors, some areas are privileged for fat storage). The treated site will have less capacity for fat storage, which will result in the long-term efficacy of the treatment.

This means that treatment is expected to last indefinitely once you reach the desired results unless there is a tremendous increase in body weight and fat mass.


1.PAPAIN ENZYME (lipase activity)

-Papain is an enzyme that plays a role in many bodily processes. 

2.LECITHIN (Separate and send out the fat cell)

Lecithin burns fat and affects the liver in keeping up to enhance its metabolism.

-stimulation of lipase activity and emulsification and transport of triglycerides

-Keeps fats dissolved as a liquid. Some research also suggests that it can dissolve fat reserves in the body completely.

3.CENTELLA ASIATICA (Skin regeneration)

-Centella asiatica is rich in a lot of skin-healthy compounds. This super blend of nutrients offers fantastic benefits for the skin, including powerful anti-aging properties

Subject to Treatment

  • Saggy chin and double chin
  • Fatty cheek and zygoma
  • For general V-Line face
  • Saggy abdomen and general body line after delivery of a baby
  • Thigh and forearm with excessive cellulite
  • Calf and love line
  • Frequent swelling parts

Prescribed measurement for specific areas

  • Cheek fat – 10cc
  • Chin line, double chin – 10cc – 20cc
  • Upper arm – 20cc
  • Love handle – 30cc – 50cc
  • Abdomen – 30cc – 40cc
  • Thigh – 20cc – 30cc

Term between procedure:

Once a week, with the interval of three to four weeks, repeat up to six times. Best results in about four-session

What is inside VNS?

10ml per vial

Five vials per box


Papain enzyme, Lecithin, L-carnitine, Deoxycholate, Hyaluronidase, Centella Asiatica, Vitamin B, Tyrosine, Juglans Regia, Aesculus Hippocastanum.


This product can be stored in the refrigerator for two weeks after opening.


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