Snowflower Bloom

SnowFlowerBloom is a total package skin solution product that does a lot of amazing things in particular. It regenerates damaged skin and eliminates skin stains, and henceforth whitens your skin. Therefore, it sustains the beautiful skin tone and texture of your skin.

SnowFlowerBloom is used to provide facial skin regeneration, moisturization, and whitening effect simultaneously to the aging skin damaged by UV light, pollution, and dryness. In addition, it is used for post-treatment to assist the skin recovery in the area that became damaged and sensitive after the cosmetic procedure in the clinic.

SnowFlowerBloom reflects the desire for snow-white skin. It provides a brightening effect to turn your skin into a clear and transparent one like snow. Just like its name, it nonetheless produces beautiful, clear, clean skin like snow. It aims to harmonize inner and outer beauty. It is specifically made to make your skin hydrated, just like snow consisting of pure water. It ultimately makes your skin silky and glowing with the help of PDRN (Poly Deoxy Ribo Nucleotide), Glutathione (Reduced Glutathione, GSH), and Hyaluronic Acid.

PDRN (Poly Deoxy Ribo Nucleotide)

– Responsible for skin regeneration & elasticity effect

PDRN (Poly-Deoxy-Ribo-Nucleotide), an extract from Salmon DNA, a fragmented DNA similar to the human DNA, enhances the regeneration capacity in the skin. It assists in regenerating the tissue stimulating the generation of the growth factor continuously.

Glutathione (Reduced Glutathione, GSH)

– Responsible for the skin whitening effect

GSH is a particular enzyme responsible for skin brightening. It inhibits melanin synthesis, thereby allowing your skin to stay fair and stunning even in harsh conditions. By inhibiting melanin generation, reduced glutathione (GSH) brightens your skin tone. Reduced glutathione (GSH), not oxidized glutathione (GSSG), offers the most bang for your buck in melanin inhibition, making for lesser pigmentation, thus sustaining a clear and bright skin tone.

​ Hyaluronic Acid

– Responsible for the improved moisturizing effect

Through collagen production, promoting skin cell growth, and maintaining the appropriate amount of moisture in your body, makes for an improved moisturizing effect. Maintaining a high skin moisture content makes your skin plump and firm. Moisturized skin improves fine lines on your eyes and mouth.

SnowFlowerBloom Benefits

This treatment is known for several benefits that have made it a massive hit in Korea. Whitening of skin and improve skin tone.

  • Deep moisturization. It has the moisturizing effect to combine with moisture that is 300~1,00 times as much as its molecular weight. 
  • Increase skin elasticity and lifts the face. It makes the skin elastic by activating the regenerative capacity of the skin itself.
  • Skin Whitening. It assists in sustaining the skin tone clean and bright continuously by reducing and inhibiting melanin generations.
  • Wrinkle Reduction. It helps improve the wrinkle by facilitating the growth of epithelial cells and increasing fibroblasts.
  • Reduces facial pore. It reduces facial pores by improving skin tone.

What is inside?

2.5ml per vial – 5 vials per box. The product uses 27G needle size 

Each vial contains:

  • PDRN – Salmon DNA that enhances the regeneration capacity in the skin
  • Glutathione – brightening effects by continuous inhibition of melanin generation
  • Hyaluronic Acid – maintaining high moisturization makes skin texture soft and firm

Other ingredients:

  • Japanese macromolecule HA material
  • Japanese glutathione, which patented by the RCT method
  • Salmon DNA from Alaska.

Raw materials of SnowFlower Bloom don’t contain Chemically Synthesized ingredients by any means, just with natural ingredients. It is a protected, safe and effective product made with the best quality materials only.

Strengths of SnowFlowerBloom

  • suited for all types of skin
  • hypoallergenic
  • water, being one of its components, means the hydration process is natural
  • comprised of a meso-cocktail which deeply improves skin condition in just minimal time
  • ensuring a beautiful color and even skin tone for a long time


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