Slim Slimmer is a liquid solution used to reduce your local fat volume, aging individuals, and those who consume a high-fat diet. This product is intended to make your skin look smooth and firm.

Slim Slimmer Benefits

Among its pack, Slim Slimmer has touted its adherence to quality. With this, customer satisfaction is put first to maintain continued patronage of the product line.

  • Volume reduction is fast.
  • Simple therapy
  • No side effects

Disadvantage: The large area should be divided at an interval (2-3 times)

Where can Slim Slimmer be used?

Slim Slimmer is particularly used to treat local fat stores and can be administered to almost all body parts. Common areas wherein Slim Slimmer is used include the following:

  1. Face
  • V-line, double chin: Usage (10-15cc)
  • Cheek, Buccal fat: Usage (5-10cc)
  • Below ear: Usage (5-10cc)
  • Malar: Usage (5cc)


  • Do not exceed a total of 40cc per face case for 30 days per person. (The body part used during simultaneous treatment with the body part Separately can be used based on the following standard).
  • The same site can be treated every 30 days.
  1. Body
  • Flank: Usage (150-200cc)
  • Belly: Usage (100cc)
  • Bra-line: Usage (200cc)
  • Thigh: Usage (200cc)
  • calf: Usage (100-150cc)
  • arm: Usage (80-100cc)
  • Ankle: Usage(60cc)
  • Trapezius line: Usage (150-200cc)

Treatment area

  • Forearm 
  • Double Chin
  • Side belly
  • Belly fat

Treatment instruction

1.Open Slim Slimmer Ample.

2.Insert the needle into the ample and pull the piston of injection to fill the syringe with Liquid

3.Shake the Liquid in the syringe 2 to 3 times to blend and inject the required amount right onto the treatment area.

What is inside Slim Slimmer?

  • TYPE: Liquid
  • VOLUME: 10ml x 5 vials
  • EXPIRY DATE: 2 years from the date of manufacture. This is single-use. Use all after opening.
  • STORAGE: Store at room temperature within the expiration date (do not store the remaining solution after use). 

Ingredients: Tissue reliever, saline solution

  • Cautions
  • Avoid stimulation, make-up, or cleansing on the treatment area for 6 hours after treatment and gently cleanse on the day of treatment. 
  • One week after the treatment, the effects will begin to appear. Those with larger fat deposits may need to wait up to two weeks. 
  • It is highly advised to avoid sports, sauna baths, smoking, and drinking as it will negatively affect your results.
  • Usually, there are no side effects after the treatment
  • Allergic reactions may occur depending on each person.  
  • The product includes a small amount of steroids that irregular menstruation may occur for women. 
  • Treatment results may vary from person to person. Additional treatments may be required for the face (three times) and the body (three to five times).
  • It is highly advised to have succeeding treatments at four-week intervals.
  • Antibiotics that are prescribed help mitigate infection risks and reduce swelling.
  • Massage your body with oil and frequently apply lotion as your skin may be dry during the breakdown of fat.


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