Kabelline contouring serum


Kabelline Fat Reduction Solution is a contouring solution that helps to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat on the body. Being a complete counterpart to the US FDA-approved Kybella and the CE European product Aqualyx, Kabelline Linear Contour Serum is a reliable choice for any customer or patient.

Kabelline products include the active ingredient synthetic deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid aids in the breakdown of fat as well as its absorption; it is a naturally occuring body molecule.

Fat is typically located in several key trouble areas like the chin, face, and the abdomen. 

Kabelline is an injectable fat reducing serum that helps dissolve fat in those said areas. This fat dissolver destroys fat directly and is hailed as one of the best sellers in South Korea.

Kabelline destroys fat cells in the chin area which results in a noticeable and satisfactory reduction of redundant fat cells. Once these adipocytes (fat cells) are destroyed, these cells no longer have the ability to store and accumulate fat, thus further treatment is no longer required once your aesthetic goal has been targeted

Compared to its competitors, Kabelline has boosted its commitment to quality.  With quality in mind, we put the satisfaction of our customers first and their continued patronage of our product line.

  • Effectively reduces fat without surgery

Kabelline offers a non-invasive treatment to destroy fat cells without using surgeries such as liposuction that can help you get in shape without experiencing much pain and save you from having to expend a massive sum of money. 

  • Double mechanism to induce fat cell destruction

The unique formula contained by Kabeline serum induces the destruction of fat cells and stimulates natural destruction through excessive absorption of water. 

  • Natural-looking, long-lasting result

As the fat cells are destroyed, the injected area will remain slim-looking for an extensive amount of time and can even be permanent with proper weight maintenance. 

  • No harmful side effects, severe pain, or a long recovery

Kabelline can help you achieve your fitness goals with ease and leaves no permanent marks, unlike surgeries. Although some post-procedure swelling or bruising is common, the injections do not leave any surgical scars, and daily life can be resumed immediately after the procedure. 

Kabelline VS other products

  • Kabelline is cheaper than other products with the same effect
  • Fat deposits in almost all parts of the body are removed without surgical interference
  • Kabelline has little to no side effects giving you a comfortable and safe shortcut to your desired body appearance. 
  • After injecting the products, the lines of the body and face become chiseled and look natural.
  • This safe formula completely dissolves normal fat cells, after which the water is naturally removed from the body. 

Where can Kabelline be used?

Kabelline can target local fat deposits and be injected into all body parts except the cheeks. The most common areas where Kabelline is used are the following areas:

  • Chin
  • Face
  • Back
  • Abdominal region (love handles) 
  • Hips 
  • Thighs

How does Kabelline work?

Kabelline dissolves fats by infusing deoxycholic acid to the target trouble areas of the body. Deoxycholic acid aids in the breakdown of fat as well as its absorption; it is a naturally occuring body molecule. Kabelline induces the destruction of the fat cells in a two-fold method: deoxycholic acid directly destroys fat cells. This product will most likely get rid of fat pockets permanently.

  • Double effects induce lipolysis.
  • Lipolysis by Deoxycholic acid
  • Deoxycholic acid induces the destruction of normal fat cells in the face or body.

Treatment recommendation

Kabelline is intended for use with the Hyaluron Pen, most recommended with 0.5ml disposable syringes and 0.5 adaptors.

  • 4-8ml of the solution can be applied to a localized obesity area in all body parts except the cheeks
  • A single treatment consists of up to a maximum of 50 applications of 0.2ml with 1cm intervals.
  • Best results with 2-4 treatments up to 6 single treatments can be treated at an interval of about one week. 
  • Wait approximately four weeks between sessions
  • Results can be seen after 30 days

What is inside?

Inside are five vials of Kabelline serum, 8ml each with a shelf-life of 24 months from the manufacturing date.


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