How To Find The Perfect Filler For Yourself?

How To Find The Perfect Filler For Yourself?

It is an amazing feat that there are hundreds and thousands of filler brands available in the market. This only means that you will have a wide range to select from. But the question is, how can you find the best filler for you? What filler suits your needs best?

At Faroha, we will help you find the best filler for you. We will show you how to choose a filler that matches your goals.

Most fillers are manufactured to have 3 or 4 types, each with different levels of viscosity and application usage. Presently, fillers are not only applicable for the face but it can also be administered for the body.

One will need a few things to keep in mind in choosing or finding the perfect filler for each individual. First, you need to know what part of the face or body you want to be treated. Secondly, you will want to know what consistency best suits a specific part of the face or body. And lastly, you should learn to listen to medical professionals advices; they will guide you in finding what filler suits your needs and goals best. Your goals in facial or body rejuvenation will be taken in consideration by medical professionals as they look for the perfect filler that matches you.

Consistencies of a dermal filler (Example shown by Regenovue Dermal filler)


We will be elaborating the first requirement in finding the best filler for each individual. There are various types of dermal fillers in the market categorized by their density or viscosity. Most filler brands have fine, deep and volume or sub- q  versions. And each type has varying scales of intensity in filling and enhancing a certain part of the body.


Fine versions of dermal fillers are mostly characterized as thin and light in viscosity. They are usually used for hydrating the skin and providing moisture after administration. The level of injection depth for fine versions reaches the superficial layer of the skin.


These are medium to thick versions of dermal fillers. Dermal fillers with these consistency are perfect for administering in certain body parts that need shape stability since they have a thicker viscosity and they are denser  than the fine versions. They can be easily molded and can maintain their form for a long time. Deep dermal fillers can reach the deep layers of the skin, preventing premature deformation of the skin otherwise resulting to a lumpy appearance.


While the volume or sub-q types of dermal fillers are the most potent and thickest among the versions. It is best used for contouring and perfect for augmentation. This gives absolute and guaranteed stability after administration. As its name goes, the depth of its injection power reaches the subcutaneous layer of the skin or the fatty layer of the skin.

Each types has its equivalent application site where it works best. Although all types have the same goal of enhancing the appearance of the face and body, and filling in facial wrinkles with hydrating properties, it is still highly recommended that each version is best used in specific parts of the face and body.


When you want to treat your under eyes from dark circles and large eye bags, it is recommended to use the lighter version or the fine dermal filler types. As the under eyes have the thinnest layer of skin and is a sensitive area, it must be treated with utmost care and caution. Fine dermal fillers are the perfect types to use in these areas, as it will not produce lumpy appearance afterwards. Examples of dermal fillers that have the fine type versions are the following:

Elasty F plus

Neuramis Light or Neuramis Lidocaine

Revolax fine

Dermalax Plus

Regenovue Fine


Most practitioners use mid to deep versions of dermal fillers. This is because when enhancing the lips it needs more volume and consistency than a fine type could provide. Although, fine dermal filler types can be used to supplement the lips with hydration and moisturizing effects. Some of the dermal filler brands you can choose from that effectively enhances the lips are the following:

Elasty D plus

Neuramis Deep (with or without lidocaine)

Revolax Deep

Dermalax Deep

Regenovue Deep and Deep Plus


The cheeks and forehead need a lot more viscosity in the filler to see visible results. Cheek and forehead augmentations use “implant-like” fillers that can effectively bring volume and shape after the procedure. Although mid to deep versions of dermal fillers can still be used for volumizing the specific area. The following brands are the best-selling dermal fillers that are usually administered to the cheek and forehead.

Elasty G plus

Neuramis Volume

Revolax Sub-Q

Dermalax Implant

Dermalax Implant Plus

Regenovue Deep and Deep Plus

Now that you have learnt how to find the perfect filler for yourself, you must choose wisely. A trained medical professional will likely guide you if you are still confused and can’t decide with the overwhelmingly numerous quantity of available dermal fillers in the market. It is best to take note that dermal fillers can only be administered by trained aestheticians and board-certified doctors, especially fillers that contain lidocaine. However, your choice of brand and what part of your face and body you want to enhance will be solely up to you. So, choose wisely! If you don’t, you can always reverse the effects of dermal fillers by using dissolving solutions. It’s a win-win situation for you, you don’t get to lose anything for experiencing dermal fillers. Purchase the best dermal fillers for your clients and yourself, only here at!

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